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Every person sees themselves as a brand, and every brand has stories to tell—stories that will not only engage, but also inform, surprise, delight, and impact their audience.


My name is Vishal, I am a student at NUI Galway. I have six masters in Business and Marketing.

My Personal Brand story emerged, when curious, I explored the world around me by travelling to different places.

My career started off with selling Laser cutting Industrial printers, Textile Machinery. Then moved into selling types of machinery for Corrugate industries right from flexography printers to die cutters and then the best thing happening to me, joining a company where I helped multiple brands to build their packaging and enhance their brand perseverance.

I have also published five papers on healthcare marketing and Brand engagement. 

Some of the crazy things about me, I have been a powerlifter back in India. I am a practitioner of Taekwondo since the age of Nine. In 2018 I bought my Royal Enfield Thunderbird350x, where I was passionate about Riding to different places in India. I have ridden across most part of India, including Ladakh. I have done Bungee Jumping at Belfast, Ireland, river rafting in Galway, Hiking at Avenues Twin Peaks, Salt Lake City, USA and managed to ride a water motorbike in San Francisco, USA.

My blogs will be about Brands, People, Travel, Life, Food & Restaurants. 

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